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Professional headshots and why they are important to send the right message.

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

People like to do business with people, CV or credentials alone is not enough, we need to feel comfortable and trust the people we are in business with.

A professional headshot means that you care about those who you are yet to meet.

A professional headshot will get a first impression across before meeting you in person, and of course they know what you look like and recognise you when you first meet. It seems common sense, but you would be surprised at the amount of professionals that overlook that basic requirement.

Why get a professional headshot instead of using a smartphone.

Simply because people can tell that you did not care to put in the effort and time to do the deed, and remember, how you do anything is how you do everything. An image sends more messages that catch the eye, some of them are conscious, others at a subconscius level, others are implied, we do not want to ruin or first impression or sell ourselves short.

Given that we are more likely than ever to meet people virtually before meeting in person, is hardly defendable not to have a professional headshot as part of our marketing tool.

professional headshot photographer London
Professional headshot

Update or get your professional headshot.

Your professional portrait needs updating once your looks starts to deviate significantly from your original headshot.

Meaning that your photo has to look like you do, if too much time has past or you have mede significant changes to your look then you should update your photo as well.

How to get a professional headshot.

I have a guide on how to find and choose your photographer that you can read here

As well as help on choosing what to wear for your session here

Finally, if you are in London you can always get in touch with me and see my work.

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