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The importance of corporate photography.

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

What is corporate photography?

Corporate photography is commissioned by a corporation, business, or organization in order to capture the brand, meaning what the organization stands for in terms of culture, values, human capital, etc., as well as their history, their goals, and documenting significant events.

It is different from photography commissioned to promote a product or service, which falls into the category of commercial or advertising photography.

In other words, corporate photography promotes the organization itself, and commercial photography promotes particular goods or services.

Professional corporate portrait example
corporate portrait

What are the types of corporate photography?

Corporate portraits and professional headshots.

Headshots are tighter, generally only showing the head and shoulders, and oriented toward making the person recognizable. They are good for IDs, "Meet the Team" or "About Us" sections, article headings, and the like.

Corporate portraits are focused on portraying personality and values and are wider in terms of showing more of the person than a tight head and shoulders.

Headshots serve the purpose of identifying and recognizing while giving a professional image, and portraits give more room to also send an embedded message with them. For more on the difference between a headshot and a portrait, you can read my article in detail here.

Corporate portrait photography, environmental portraits.

Corporate environmental portraits, as the name says, show the person within the environment, usually a half- or full-body shot within a relevant setting in the organization, like an office or meeting room. These types of corporate portraits are designed to send the strongest message and usually accompany internal or external communication sources like magazines, newsletters, reports, and trade publications.

Meet the team or about us group portraits.

These are significantly more difficult to achieve technically and in terms of planning, but they make for great promotional material for the organization. If you'd like to have one of these it is important that you let your photographer know well in advance, as they most likely require extra equipment, time, and planning.

Corporate event photography.

To keep a record of your significant events and inform those who were unable to attend.

Corporate reports photography.

Those could be extremely important, addressing stockholders, show for how investment has been expended, and appealing to new capital investment.

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