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Choosing a portrait photographer is a very personal matter.
If my work resonates with you then get in touch.

My name is Virgilio and I am a portrait photographer serving corporate, personal clients, actors and creative assignments.

I am based in London and happy to go wherever needed. I can work from studio, outdoors or at your premises, whichever suits you best.
My style could be defined as cinematic, almost fantasy like, highly stylized while respecting a true to life believable organic look that esteems from my philosophic approach to imagery.
All the editing gets done in-house by me without filters, all by hand including colour grading and some painting by brush over the image, not to add anything but to enhance what is already there, is a slow process with lots of attention to detail and renders best results for those who care about details.


I absolutely love Vosa photography's headshot that he did for me. Highly recommend his service

Monika Rohanova/ Model and actor

The professional in his field, it is easy to work with him.

Tina Kolodiy/ Singer and model

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