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How much does it cost a personal portrait photography session?

Portrait photography standard cost £400 London

Best for those that need to achieve some variety like actors, personal branding content and families.

£200 retainer to confirm booking and £200 due before shoot starts.

I will free up half day for your shoot and depending on your schedule I can get it done quickly or slowdown and take our time. Consultation call included.

You will get 6 high-end in depth edited photos, with colour grading, high end manual skin retouch with a natural finish, no filters or AI , true to life. Adittional photoshop edits available at £100/image.

In London, suitable studio will be chosen according to moodboard, alternatively can be done outdoors or at your location at your request.

Out of London travel incur an additional fee, get in touch to find out more.

Portrait photography full day  £700 London

Same as above but I will free a whole day for you.

12 high end images included or SHARE WITH A FRIEND, split the cost and total images (6 each)

Custom photoshoot taylored to your needs.

If the previous options dont fit your needs I can taylor it to what is required, for example if you need to generate as much content as possible in one go, just get in touch and let me know what you need.

Getting good portraits when your budget is tight

When the budget is tight but you need good images, for example at the beginning of your career or goin trough bumpy times you can find a friend and share the cost, get any of the quotes from above and share the cost and final amount of retouched photos.

If that is still out of budget sign in for the newsletter as they might be ocassional discounts available or other formats of sessions.

Personal sessions (not comissioned by a corporation or business entity) individuals or families.


Corporate photography cost London

Photography commissioned by a business or corporation.
You are in the right place to get a corporate photographer to cover your needs, from staff headshots to marketing content, photography of the premisses or video.

Staff headshots "Meet the Team"

Best for businesses of unique character that want to be differentiated from their competitors not only in the way they operate but also in terms of their image, establishing trust at first sight.

Minimum spend is £400, from 1 to 9 individuals, cost £100 per person with 1 final image delivered per person; from there, person numbers 10 to 20 cost £75 per person, and from persons 21 onwards cost £50 per person.

It can be done at your premises for your convenience or in studio; please calculate about 30 min per person to find out how long it would take to photograph any number of people.

Payment terms, %50 of the expected total cost as a retainer when booking; the rest is due before file delivery.

Traveling outside London incurs additional expenses, get in touch to find out more.

Custom corporate photography

We can cover architectural photography of the premisses, videos, events, interviews and, more.

Let me know what you require for a free quotation just get in touch.

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